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Clear Concise and Keyword-Rich Text

We can't emphasize this enough. Although the Internet is graphic-rich, it is still a text-based medium. Information is what your visitors are seeking. If your web site doesn't present the information your customers want in a clear and concise manner they will find it at your competitor's web site.

Search engines use the information on your site to serve up relevant results to their visitors. Web surfers are the Search Engines' customers and the Search Engine's goal is to provide a relevant search result that keeps the surfers coming back. If surfers are hitting the back button after visiting your site it won't be long before you see a drop in rankings

How do you write keyword-rich copy?

After the articles and content that you would like on your website have been written to us through them to make sure that they are concise and clear as well as relevant to your customers interests. Identify the keyword phrases that are important and relevant to your business and incorporate them into the text for your web site. Grab a thesaurus and look up words with similar meanings and try to incorporate them as well.

Get inside your customer's head.

How would your visitors describe your company, products and services? What search terms would they use to find your web site? Although the answer may seem easy, it is very important to take some time with this one. A good place to start your keyword research is by looking at your log files. What search terms are your visitors currently using to find you? Research the popularity of those terms. Again the importance of choosing the right keywords can't be stressed enough.

If you target the wrong terms, your traffic will suffer and you will have lost valuable time. Even though your site may rank number one for a seldom used term, if no one is searching for that term, you won't have generated any traffic. Another consideration here is generating the right traffic. You need traffic targeted toward your products or services.

There are a number of handy tools available to help you begin building your list of relevant keywords.

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