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Notes on Web hosting

There are several types of Web hosting. You will want to weigh the pros and cons of each type and choose the one that is right for your business.

Shared Hosting – least expensive

Shared hosting is very Cost Effective and is the most common web hosting service on the market. With Shared hosting, you share bandwidth, disk space capacity and various network resources with other customers. Sharing computer resources allows for a low-cost solution that is easy to maintain, has per-configured options, and is usually administered through a user control panel . The price is usually reasonable, but caution should be exercised to insure that the common computer resources are not over subscribed.

Dedicated Hosting – most flexibility

With dedicated web hosting, instead of sharing the server with other customers, the hardware is allocated exclusively to your website needs. Since you do not share resources, dedicated hosting can provides the ultimate level of control, flexibility and performance. A dedicated server allows you to choose your operating system, install any software applications and set the security level that you feel will provide the best protection. Managing a dedicated server requires you to have a certain skill set in order to administer and maintain the server. Dedicated hosting is not recommended for the inexperienced user.

VPS Hosting – between shared and dedicated

A virtual private server, or VPS is created by software that partitions a single physical server to establish multiple virtual servers. This process results in a number of isolated environments with the ability to perform many of the same functions as an individual machine. Virtual private servers provide more guaranteed resources, better performance, and higher security than your typical shared platform, at a price point between shared and dedicated web hosting.

Managed Hosting – Full service

Managed hosting refers to the full servicing of a dedicated server. Support options range from web application and database administration to security services. Managed hosting services are geared towards customers who do not have the technical abilities needed to handle a dedicated server, or the time to immerse themselves the management aspects. Although cost efficient in some situations, the biggest downside of managed hosting is its price tag.


Choosing the right Web hosting service can be overwhelming. But with so many companies on the market, you are almost certain to land a solution that fits your needs.

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