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Search Engine Optimization

...or Why don't I have more visitors?

Most web traffic originates from search engines, although social networks like Stumble Upon or Facebook have become almost as important. Some traffic still comes from links, directories and email. Not having a good search engine ranking is like having fancy billboard and putting it on a back woods hiking trail.

Many companies will offer to list your web site with hundreds of search engines for a moderate fee. This is a waste of money. If your website is properly placed and linked to by a site already in the Search Engine Index they will find your site. But just incase it doesn't hurt the submit to the top 10 search engines.

Having a site listed with a search engine does not mean that it will receive a high rank. Preparation and market knowledge is the key to getting your site ranked highly within the search engines. To find out competitive the search engine environment is for your chosen keywords perform a Google search and see how many listings or generated. When was the last time you looked past the first couple of pages of search engine results for an item?

For more in-depth of how Search engines work look at this article on Search Engines at Wikipedia

How can I increase my website's visibility?

If you want to be found in the search engines, it is important that you add search engine optimization to your to do list. This means using key word rich, relevant, and in-depth content. The days of cheap tricks like misleading meta tags and keyword stuffing using incoherent text are over.

Search engines are constantly in flux to avoid being scammed, so SEO techniques that worked yesterday may not necessarily be successful tomorrow. Using short cuts can lead to rankings are constantly changing. As a result, it is exceedingly important to keep up with changes in the Internet, and use good practices.

Consider using placement with your web site advertising dollars This generally takes the form or pay per click exposure.

Optimizing Your Meta Tags

The most important tag in the header section of your web page is the title tag. The search may or may not engines place a lot of relevance on the words contained within the title tag, but it will show up on the search results page where someone will read it. Make sure it gets their attention!

The next important tag in the header section is the description meta tag. This tag is used to describe your web page. Like the title tag, many of the search engines will extrapolate this information to summarize your web site. Again, be sure to include your targeted keyword phrases.

The third and least important tag in the header section is the keywords meta tag. Because of abuse by unscrupulous webmasters, the keywords tag is ignored by many of the search engines. Even so, some do use it, so it doesn't hurt to include it. Like your title and description tag, choose your keywords carefully. Do not include keywords that are not included in the body of your web copy or irrelevant to the theme of your site.

Link Popularity

A few years ago, people were being advised to join "link farms" to increase their link popularity, Today that is frowned upon and can actually be detrimental to your quest for higher rankings in the search engines. The emphasis today is more on the quality of the links pointing to your web site than the quantity of links pointing to your website.

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